Shamanic Reiki Classes

In these classes you will learn Traditional Usui Reiki as well as how to use Shamanic Techniques to effect a healing environment.  We will be using crystals, pendulums, drums, rattles and other methods of sound healing as well as aromatherapy.  There will be hands on experiences as well as verbal training.  Each Level focuses on learning different aspects of Shamanic Reiki Healing Energy.

Heartwood is located in the beautiful Victorian Seaport Town of Port Townsend, WA on the Olympic Peninsula.  We can be found at the peaceful and charming Bishop Victorian Hotel. Please “like” and “follow” our Facebook page!  

All CDC requirements for the prevention of Covid 19 are strictly adhered to and all classes are taught 1:1 (or 1:2 if the participants are family related or close friends).

Levels I, II and III are each taught in separate one day classes over a period of three months so that your energy field can process the new energies.  The Reiki energy takes three days per chakra to be processed. You have the option to take one level or all three.

In each level, you will learn how to use Shamanic tools such as drums, rattles, crystals, tuning forks, essential oil auric sprays, Crystal therapy, how to do Shamanic Journeys and guided meditations, as well as Pet Therapy and Crystal Surgery.  The classes also include discussions on Chakra’s, Auras, Meridians, Smudging and disposing of negative energy.  Each level goes deeper and deeper into the realm of Shamanic Reiki.

Level I is Physical Healing.  You will learn how to do self healing and how to work on your friends and family.  You will learn how to use many of the Shamanic tools and two of the Reiki Symbols. This class is also for those that may want to become professional practitioners.  You will be a certified Shamanic Reiki Practitioner at the end of the training.  The Energy Exchange is $360.00.

Level II is Emotional and Distance Healing. Emotional healing can be used to help those suffering from grief, a broken heart, low self esteem  and more. With Distance Healing you will learn how to send Reiki to others, even if they are thousands of miles away. Distance Healing also works with clients to heal or alter past, present and future events. You will also learn how to perform Crystal Surgery as well as other Shamanic techniques. You will learn two more Reiki Symbols. You will be a Shamanic Practitioner , Level II, at the end of the class.  The Energy Exchange is $400.00.

Level III is the Master Symbol. This symbol connects you to the Universe and to the Earth.  It also connects all of the symbols together and connects the students Mind, Body, and Spirit to the Universe and to Earth for a very effective healing for yourself and others.  You will also learn how to work with pets, learn more about performing Crystal Surgery, give attunements, and more.  You will learn how to use the Master Symbol. Further instruction will be given to those that have been called to teach.  You will be a Shamanic Reiki Master at the end of the training.  The Energy Exchange is $460.00.

For each class, you will receive instruction on how to use Usui Reiki,  Shamanic techniques and tools, hands on training, a light snack, a manual of the class material and a Certificate of Completion.

Are restricted to 1-2 students. All CDC regulations are adhered to.
Regular prices are: Shamanic Reiki – Level I $360
Shamanic Reiki – Level II $400
Shamanic Reiki – Level III $460